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High-Frequency Words
Series 1

What Do Dogs Do?

and, do, dogs, jump, play, run, what

How Many Birds Do You See?

bird, birds, do, how, I, many, one, see, three, two, you

Do You See a Red Bird?

a, and, bird, blue, do, I, red, see, yellow, you

The Ant and the Tree

and, ant, at, by, can, come, down, from, go, is, looks, on, the, tree, up

Where Is My Cat?

bed, cat, find, help, is, me, my, on, where, yellow

Where Is My Hat?

find, hat, head, help, is, me, my, on, red, where

The Plane is Here

and, away, big, here, is, it, little, looks, plane, the, when

Look at the Little Pig

a, at, blue, funny, is, little, not, pig, pink, red, the, yellow

Conventions and Vocabulary

Plural Nouns

Question Words



End Punctuation

Short Vowel Sounds

Shades of Meaning

Inflections and Affixes



New Meanings

Habilidades de lenguaje

Los sustantivos en plural

Las interrogativas

Las preposiciones

La puntuación final

Los sonidos vocálicos


Los matices de significado

Las mayusculas