CLIO Lesson Plans

Rules for Regular Plural Nouns

This plural nouns lesson plan will teach kindergarten students to form plural nouns by adding -s or -es.

How to Teach Question Words

The Question Words lesson and activities will bring students’ focus to the language that helps them ask questions.

Prepositions Lesson and Activities

There are many fun ways to discuss prepositions in class. In this lesson plan on prepositions, we use Mo the cow to help us out!

Two Capitalization Rules

Students will practice capitalizing the first word in each sentence and the pronoun I.

End Punctuation for Beginners

The goal of this lesson plan is for students to be able to recognize and name each of the end punctuation marks.

Short Vowel Sounds Practice

In this lesson, students will practice writing the vowel for the sound they hear.

Learning About Inflections and Affixes

Students will use words they are familiar with to understand how groups of letters change the meaning of words.

Teaching Opposites to Young Learners

In this lesson on opposites, students will be able to connect academic vocabulary to a concept that they have naturally been doing.

How to Explain Shades of Meaning

In this lesson, students will associate common ideas with the term shades of meaning by ordering actions words based on their level of intensity.

Identifying New Meanings for Familiar Words

In this lesson on new meanings, students will learn that there are many common words that have more than one meaning.

Introduction to Sorting

Sorting activities are surprisingly crucial for students, and I wished I realized their true value earlier in my career.